Meet Rachita Agarwal: Our 1st Brand Influencer!

When we first started BestBite, we came in with the idea to not only showcase local food from some of the best spots in the city but also highlight the stories behind them. What country is the dish from? Who opened that restaurant and why? What was the chef’s inspiration for making this industry their career? What is this restaurant’s most popular dish and why? Far too often we hear about the amazing food a place dishes out but we never know their success story or the person/people behind it all. read more

Save The Date – Launch Party

We’re ready to take on Philly! Join us on Tuesday, May 30th at 6pm for a nom-worthy night as we introduce BestBite to the Philadelphia community and highlight some of our favorite restaurants, chefs, and their delicious food.  read more

Welcome To BestBite

Welcome to BestBite 2.0! For most of you, this is the first time you are coming to our site, for the others, you’ve seen this passion project before. So what happened? Where have we been all these years you ask? read more