Yoku Table Event Recap!

On June 14th, BestBite had the pleasure of partnering up with serial restaurateur/owner, Kriti Seghal, in an effort to highlight an exclusive tasting menu event showcasing her newest baby Yoku Table. For those of you who missed out, Yoku is a Southeast Asian inspired, 100% good and 100% pure kitchen that serves food that symbolizes fresh, bold, vibrant and homemade flavors. AND it was seriously delicious! 

Staying consistent with her Pure Fare & Agno Grill locations,  Yoku Table is also based on the “build-your-own-bowl” model. To make the night a little interesting, all of the guest menus encouraged attendees to select which dishes they enjoyed the most for each course/ingredient. To keep things simple, we broke down the menu in the following categories: Appetizers, Base, Protein, Top It Off, Sauce, Dessert.

Kriti started the night by showcasing some her top appetizers delicately displayed in a family-style manner for attendees to enjoy. Though the Brussel Sprout Salad was extremely fresh and flavorful, her Vegan Spring Rolls were a crowd favorite and definitely earned the #BESTBITE for the appetizer portion…a MUST HAVE.

We wanted to do something a bit more interesting this time around and allow guests to try all the various food combinations they could possibly come up with as if they were building their own bowls at Yoku. We had a lot of fun mixing and matching all the ingredients showcased, creating flavor profiles most wouldn’t try on their own. Below is how we broke it down according to category;

BASE: Cauliflower Fried Rice, Sweet Potato Noodles, and Coconut Jasmine Rice

PROTEIN: Tamarind Chicken & General Tso Cauliflower

TOP IT OFF: Eggplant Salad, Pickled Diakon, Tamarind Lime Carrots

SAUCE:  Ginger Scallion, Peanut Thai Basil, Cashew Siracha

Regardless of what combinations you choose, you simply couldn’t go wrong. Kriti threw down some of the most flavorful and unique items we’ve ever tasted. Check out some of the guest feedback below!

Seriously the Best. Coconut. Rice. Ever. And the tamarind chicken was amazing!” 

“General Tso Cauliflower was OMG SO GOOD, Eggplant Salad was my favorite, and I loved the Ginger Scallion and Peanut Sauce!” 

“Great event & great times with great people eating great food.”

Thank you very much for the event – all the food was amazing! I liked the coconut rice & matcha cupcakes over everything!”

“Would have never tried some of the dishes presented on my own. Glad to try out new things and will be back for sure!”

AND FINALLY…for those who still had room in their bellies…DESSERT consisted of Sweet Potato Brownie & Sesame Matcha Cupcakes.

Needless to say, we left with our mouths amazed, bellies full, and minds intrigued by what we experienced. HUGE shout-out to Kriti Sehgal again and all of her staff who made this evening such a delicious success! Can’t wait to see what items she comes up with next! For those that are curious, after collecting everyone’s feedback, the top #BestBite for each category is listed below! Be sure to try them out next time you’re at Yoku Table!





Protein: TIED – Tamarind Chicken & General Tso Cauliflower